Use Micro SD Cards As A Hard Drive

The obvious size discrepancy and the not so obvious set of protocol difference between SD memory and a standard disk drive has made it difficult to utilize SD cards as a primary or even secondary storage space on a standard computer. Fortunately, converters to bridge the gap between these two types of memory have become smaller and faster to finally utilize a set of SD cards as a SATA SSD.
The 10 x Micro SD to SATA converter utilizes a RAID 0 level which increases system performance, read speeds, and write speeds. RAID setups link multiple storage mediums together for better results and hardware RAID does not use the host computer’s CPU to function. Available for $64.00, this converter is an excellent way to take advantage of the speed of Micro SD cards for a desktop.
SD Converter
  • Serial ATA 2.6 Specification compliant
  • Supports Serial ATA hot-plug
  • Built-in RAID 0 functions which can speed/size up 10 x Micro SD to SATA interface
  • Does NOT support UHS-I
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • OS Bootable and no drivers required
  • Compatible with DOS, Windows 3.1, NT4, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac, Linux
  • Micro SD is NOT included
Package Content:
  • 1 x 10 x Micro SD to SATA SSD Adapter & RAID Quad 2.5″ SATA Converter
      1. Insert the Micro SD cards into the slots and connect the SATA port to host side, and then turn on the computer, the LED lamp will light.
      2. Please format your Micro SD cards before using.
    Some usage restrictions to the converter do apply however. One of the most notable is the lack of support with 3, 5, 7 or 9 cards. As part of the nature of RAID 0 setups, the communication from one card to another must be specific and does not function optimally at alternate adaptations. Inserting cards one at a time beginning with the CHP0L slot and ending with CHP4H will ensure the array of memory is properly created.
    Additionally, the total memory of the converted hard disk emulation will be less than the sum of the Micro SD cards. In cards of different sizes, the lowest size will become the default capacity for all cards but in equal sizes as well, memory is allocated to maintaining the flow of data between each component of the array.
    Finally, changing the position of the Micro SD cards or removing an existing card and adding in a new one may result in data loss. It is recommended to mark each card to prevent position exchange. The 10 x Micro SD to SATA converter does not support “hot swapping” or changing out cards while the device is operating.
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