USBCopier Releases More Options For Their Custom USB Drives

USBCopier Releases More Options For Their Custom USB Drives To Personify Any Company’s Logo Or Mascot In USB Form.
Press Release:
LAKE FOREST, CA – CALIFORNIA, ORANGE COUNTY, June 6, 2016 USBCopier, manufacturer of the most customizable USBs in the industry, have expanded their available selections to include human-shaped USB drives in any fashion imaginable. In addition to the endless possibilities and designs conceived by clients and brought to life by USBCopier, now the personalization has expanded to mascots, avatars, or even a detailed rendition of a particular individual.
USB Copier Press Release
Consisting either of elastomers such as silicone, or low malleability plastics, the new generation of personified flash memory will stay unblemished and unbroken to act as a long-lasting reminder of any business’s commitment to quality. Cyrus Riahi, Marketing Manager for USBCopier states, “The new line of USB people makes branding a product or service incredibly easy. For any instance of data load distribution, not only will it always be simple for the receiver to identify and remember a company’s USB, but it’s unique and fun both in personal and professional use.”
Ideal for businesses with an avatar or personified “minion” representing them, USBCopier’s new line of flash memory will add identity and charm to an organization’s hardware. Riahi continues, “The cost of marketing in many cases is on par with, if not greater than, the cost of the product itself. Creating an individual product which blends usability with this level of brand visibility is a dream come true for growth and efficiency.”
USBCopier offers custom USB drives in all gigabyte sizes and offers data loading, duplication, and copy security services.
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About USBCopier:
USBCopier specializes in developing and manufacturing the finest and most feature rich flash memory and flash memory duplicators in the market. Partnering with Nexcopy Incorporated, USBCopier supplies Central and South America, Europe, India, Asia, Pacific Rim and serves the U.S. market through its U.S. headquarters at: 13 Orchard Road Suite 102, Lake Forest, CA 92630.
Cyrus Riahi
Nexcopy Incorporated
+1 949 481 6478
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Official Press Release
Additional USB People images can be found on the USBCopier website.

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