USB Duplicator is 20 Target Time Saver

We’ve heard of a USB port replicator which is a fancy word for dock station, but now we have USB Duplicator from Nexcopy. The USB duplicator is the largest PC based copier on the market which quickly and easily copies data to flash drives. The average user wouldn’t need this, but this product would be a great fit for many corporations today. Since USB flash memory is such a popular medium for data distribution the USB duplicator seems like a good investment that would save an IT guy a bunch of time.


The Nexcopy USB Duplicator has several different functions like file copy, which copies files and folders from a PC onto the flash drive with the same file structure. Another feature is USB device copy. This is a low-level USB duplicator with a bit-for-bit copy function. The USB200PC also comes with a Copy Job function so you can set a string of activity…like Format, Copy, Verify and Volume Name.

The USB Duplicator is powered by Windows PC software written and owned by Nexcopy called the Drive Manager software. This software suite does a variety of things besides the duplication feature, such as data extraction (reading files OFF the USB flash drive, unique data streaming to put unique content to each flash drive, format, erase and also make image files of your masters.

Software features for Nexcopy’s USB Duplicator system

  • File Copy
  • Copy Add
  • Data Stream
  • Device Copy – short
  • Device Copy – full
  • Image Copy (.img file)

File Copy

Point the Drive Manager software to any folder on the host computer and everything will be copied over. This is very similar to the “drag and drop” function in Microsoft Windows. Please note the Drive Manager software runs on Windows.

Copy Add

With any targets as FAT, FAT32, exFAT or NTFS the Drive Manager software can add files to USB sticks which already have data on the device. This is a great feature for large data sets on USB sticks and only a small bit of new content is wanting to be copied to the targets.

Data Stream

Use this feature to steam unique data to each flash drive. This is ideal for publishers and medical companies who required bulk data loading, but where each USB stick needs a different set of information. The unique data streaming feature can copy both static and dynamic content to each flash drive.

Device Copy – short

Drive Manager uses a binary bit by bit copy function from a physical master to all targets connected. This includes the MBR (Master Boot Record) along with partition table (size of media) and content. The “short” copy function will only copy data clusters detected on the master. For example, if a 64GB flash drive has only 5GBS of data, the “short” Device Copy function will copy only the 5GBs of data, not all 64GB of space.

Device Copy – full

Using the same bit by bit copy code as the “short” Device Copy function, the full Device Copy function will copy all of the master to the targets. This is typically only required when the master is a file system which Windows cannot read (such as Linux ext3 or ext4) or a proprietary file system.

Image Copy (.img file)

Use a digital master file to duplicate content to USB flash drives. By using an IMAGE FILE you get the same binary bit by bit copy function, but without having to use a physical master as the source.

The Nexcopy duplicator has a list price of $1,299 which makes it the most economical solution for the number of targets it provides; 20.


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