Then End of MMC

It’s very possible the end of MultiMediaCards or MMC flash memory is at our front door. Over 62% of new cell phones in ’06 used a smaller format like MicroSD and only two known phones where introduced exclusively with MMC expansion slots (Nokia N72 and BenQ M81).
“Between them, Samsung and LG introduced 65 new handsets with removable memory card slots in the last nine months, all of them using the microSD slot format,” comments Stuart Robinson, Director of the Handset Component Technology service at Strategy Analytics. “MMC formats had an appalling year in the cellphone industry in 2006 and have lost support from nearly all handset vendors,” adds Stephen Entwistle, VP Strategic Technologies. “The Nokia N72, and the BenQ-Siemens M81 were the only two phones introduced recently that use one of the RS-MMC formats.” This report also forecasts sales of all formats of removable memory card slot phones between 2003 and 2010. Source: Digital50