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Steampunk USB Stick with microSD Expansion Slot

I have been a fan of Steampunk products for a long time.  Typically I report on a Steampunk USB version, but today I get the pleasure to include a microSD card reader.

steampunk microSD

The construction is similar to other Steampunk products we’ve seen, made of brass, copper, glass, watch parts and clock parts.  The metal connections from the brass wire outside are made with silver solder and an acetylene tourch, which gives it the unique look and feel.  In addition, the maker, put extra time into the fitting and position of the internal components for a solid product. The Steampunk device is an 8GB flash drive with a microSD card reader at the tail end.  The technology is make of disassembled stock product where the microSD card reader is built into the flash drive.  Clearly the device will show two drive letters when connected to the computer, one for the USB stick and the other for the card reader. So now you can obtain a Steampunk flash drive with unlimited storage ability via the microSD card reader.  Price is much higher then the stock product, but hey, you’ll never get a great looking, customized case like this Steampunk body. Source:  Etsy. Continue Reading 127 Comments

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