SD Generate about 50% Of NAND Consumption

NAND memory grew at a fast pace until 2006, then the core memory market got mature and slowed down.  The NAND segment makes up most the market with SD formats consuming about 50% of the market share, with MP3, USB and CF media making the balance.

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In 2007, supply overtook demand and this trend continues in 2008 and in also 2009 this trend is expected to continue owing to high bit growth in supply. The impact of financial crises is still diffusing, and the consumer confidence is relatively low with the global recession. In United States NAND flash shipments have declined due to changing technologies and adverse market conditions. Flash memory prices are increasing which is affecting demand and supply. SSD is one of the applications of flash memory which is gaining market demand and is expected to perform as a key growth driver in near future. Portable applications such as UFD, MP3, DSC and DV Cam are major product categories leading to rise in demand of flash memory worldwide. To learn more about the NAND flash memory market please visit AARKStore for more details.  Cost is $850.


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