Recharge Your USB Device With A Campfire

There have been many interesting hacks to increase the battery life of an iPhone since its release but hearing “light it on fire” has probably not been one of them. Lighting your phone on fire is still a terrible idea and should not be attempted to charge ANYTHING but a device called the FlameStower USB Fire Charger lets you harness humanities oldest discovery to power one of its newest inventions.
USB Charger
The FlameStower is useful when camping, and especially useful for those unfortunate times stranded on a desert island. It works by converting thermal energy to a generator which juices the phone. A blade protruding from the device is placed into the fire to get a generator going. From there, the attached phone will begin to receive power, albeit at a crawl. With the ability to charge small electronics, cameras, and flashlights as long as the device receiving charge is USB compatible.
While many alternatives such as customizable phone batteries, or even spare batteries come in handy as well, there are few avenues as rugged and story-worthy as charging a phone with a campfire or grill. For more information, check out the product on Amazon.

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