PSP Hack – Play Multiplayer Games With Only One Copy

SkatterTech did a nice job summing up this PSP hack of playing multiplayer with only one copy of the game. Check out the video and the list of step-by-step instructions is below.

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Although the video is slow enough you got the point, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:
1) Startup both PSPs and place the game into PSP #1. 2) Start an Ad Hoc game, create a server, and choose your settings. 3) Set time limit to unlimited (recommended), only because it takes a while to load the game in to PSPs since we only have 1 copy of the game. 4) Choose your car, but don’t start the game. 5) Remove the UMD & say no to quitting game. 6) Start the game in PSP #2 and go to multiplayer. 7) Enter the Ad Hoc mode and enter the server created by PSP #1. 8) Choose your car, but don’t start the game. 9) Remove the UMD & say not 2 exit game. 10) Place it back into PSP #1 and enter game 11) Once loaded take it out & and say no 2 quitting. 12) Put it back into PSP #2 and enter the game. 13) You should now be able to play eachother.
Source: SkatterTech via YouTube

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