Press Release: Nexcopy announces new ultra-fast SD Card Duplicator

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The latest innovation from Nexcopy, the 16-target SD Card Duplicator, redefines efficiency by allowing users to copy 1GB of data every 30 seconds. With its enhanced copy speeds, this cutting-edge device is a key product for those needing to perform Secure Digital duplication.

Manufactured by Nexcopy Inc., a Southern California based technology company, the SD160PC sets a new standard for SD Card Duplicators. Designed to be connected to a computer, this device boasts the Drive Manager software, exclusively developed by Nexcopy. This software offers users a comprehensive array of features, enabling them to execute even the most intricate data duplication projects with ease.

Key features of the SD Card Duplicator:

  • Rapid duplication of 1GB of data to all sockets every 30 seconds.
  • Ability to read CID numbers from Secure Digital cards, enhancing security measures.
  • Drive Manager software equipped with six copy modes, catering to diverse user requirements.
  • Support for any file format, with compatibility dependent on the chosen copy mode.
  • Password control for Admin area of software providing a level of control between management and production teams.

One notable capability of the SD160PC is its ability to read CID numbers from Secure Digital media. The CID number, a unique identifier assigned by the card manufacturer and stored in read-only memory, adds an extra layer of security for encrypted content written to Secure Digital media. Nexcopy facilitates easy access to CID numbers for each card, offering the option to download and export this information to a .csv file for further analysis or record-keeping purposes.

For those interested in witnessing the SD160PC in action, Nexcopy provides a live speed test video on the product page. This demonstration showcases the remarkable copy speed and efficiency of the SD Card Duplicator system, providing prospective users with a firsthand look at its performance capabilities.

The SD160PC is currently available for purchase and shipping directly from Nexcopy or through their extensive network of authorized resellers worldwide. Whether for commercial duplication needs or personal data management, the SD160PC offers unparalleled speed, reliability, and functionality, making it the ideal choice for users seeking top-of-the-line SD card duplication solutions.


Since this press release from March 2022, Nexcopy has since updated their software to support the writing of CID numbers to SD cards in conjunction with the ability to read CID values from the card. The CID number or Card Identification Number is a value written into read-only memory (ROM) where the value cannot be edited, duplicated or copied by any device.

The ability to write the CID value is not a universal solution. The solution requires specific vendor commands to be sent to the individual SD card in order for the value to be written. Nexcopy offers Secure Digital media which supports the writing of CID values, thus providing a turn key solution for those needed to do so.

What is a CID number?

The CID (Card Identification) of a Secure Digital (SD) card is a unique identifier embedded within the card’s read-only memory by the manufacturer. It serves as a distinct serial number for the card and typically consists of specific information such as the card’s manufacturing date, manufacturer ID, and other proprietary data.

The CID number is accessed through a hardware chip and vendor command on a compatible host system, such as an SD card reader or a specialized device like the SD160PC SD Card Duplicator mentioned in the provided text. This unique identifier can be valuable for various purposes, including device authentication, data encryption, and tracking of individual SD cards within a system.

CID numbers are not visible to end-users in regular circumstances but can be accessed programmatically through software interfaces or tools provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, certain SD card management software may offer functionalities to read and export CID numbers for administrative or security purposes.

The CID of a Secure Digital card is a vital piece of information used for identification and management purposes, embedded within the card’s read-only memory during the manufacturing process.

the 16-target SD Card Duplicator by Nexcopy represents a leap forward in data duplication technology. With its lightning-fast copy speeds, comprehensive software features, and robust security measures, the SD160PC stands as the pinnacle of efficiency and performance in the realm of Secure Digital duplication.

Nexcopy announced the SD Card Duplicator product release through PRLeap Press Service on March 30,2022

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