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Then End of MMC

It’s very possible the end of MultiMediaCards or MMC flash memory is at our front door. Over 62% of new cell phones in ’06 used a smaller format like MicroSD and only two known phones where introduced exclusively with MMC expansion slots (Nokia N72 and BenQ M81). “Between them, Samsung and LG introduced 65 new […]

First 1GB MP3 Player that Supports Subscription Capabilities

Samsung’s YP-Z5 ZB is the first MP3 with 1GB of flash memory to support music subscription services or “PlayForSure” capabilities.  With a large 1.8″ LCD screen thin body style and ultra sensative navigation buttons this is a good alternative to iPod players. Some examples of subscription services include MTV’s Urge, Napster, Rhapsody and Yahoo.

Flash Memory Inside the Apple iPhone

We tried to escape the iPhone buzz, but recent information came to light after some folks unscrewed the iPhone to see what’s inside. This is what flash memory they found. The Apple iPhone flash memory is comprised of two technologies. NAND flash and NOR flash. Without knowing how Apple used these technologies we can easily […]

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