Nokia E61 Gets Bigger with MiniSD

Take the 75MBs of internal flash memory and jump another 2GB with MiniSD expansion slot makes the Nokia E61 one heck of a power SmartPhone. Considering the Nokia E61, it is a 3G handset with quad-band GSM support. With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and the 320×240 pixel display in 16 million colors gives you a great wires free multimedia entertainment and work phone. Big downer, the Nokia E61 doesn’t consist of any camera – I guess too many businesses have issues with digital camera proliferation.
Nokia E61
Nokia E61 has an advanced email capabilities and supports popular PocketPC applications like Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Excel. It is compatible with zip manager and adobe reader. One more good quality which it has is that you can talk on the phone and can simultaneously send and receive email. Source: MobileCellPhone Resource: Nokia E61 Forum