Mobile microSD Security From Certgate

Koolspan introduced a microSD card with encryption technology for voice telecommunications and today Certgate introduces encryption technology for data transactions through an integrated smart card chip they’ve developed.


The Certgate microSD card is definitely a gateway for them to get more products into your facility as you need their server network to run the back bone security software that syncs up with the microSD token. However, it is the most efficient way to expand mobile data security in IT and PKI infrastructures from desktop systems to all kinds of portable devices (laptops to PDAs or smart phones). It is a perfect solution for mobile and desktop applications and highest security demands, because it is based on tamper-resistant strong encryption (2048 bit) within the smartcard and thus allows the usage of low-cost mobile devices. Without getting to involved with rewording their key features, this is what Certgate bullet points for us:
  • smart cards usage for windows mobile applications via device microSD, miniSD, SD slot
  • smart cards usage for windows desktop/notebook applications via a USB-card reader/-writer or via ActiveSync directly in the mobile device microSD, miniSD, SD slot
  • 8 general purpose slots on smart card; each of them can be loaded with certificate, public and private key
  • certificate, public and private key (RSA 2048 bit) upload to smart card
  • on-card secure key generation (RSA 2048 bit)
  • on-card secure signature generation with private key (RSA, PKCS#1.5 padding)
  • on-card secure public key encryption / private key decryption (RSA, no padding)
  • on-card secure random number generator; user accessible
  • 2 kind of card access level (UserPIN for using private keys; Admin-PIN to personalize smart card); if the administrator overwrites UserPIN all on-card data will be erased
To learn more about the Certgate microSD technology please visit their product page.

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