Micron 3D NAND Technology – 4,300 MBps

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Micron has introduced two new tech products: a tiny flash storage device for phones and a big memory chip for Nvidia GPUs.

Micron, which makes and sells SSDs, created a flash chip that’s super small but packs a punch. It’s like a supercharged version of the standard UFS 4.0 device, only about the size of a fingernail (9 x 13 mm). This tiny chip can hold up to 1 TB of data using Micron’s fancy 3D NAND technology. It’s super speedy, reading and writing data much faster than older models. This means your smartphone apps can load quicker and run smoother. Plus, it can be used in cars too.

Mark Montierth, from Micron, said their new chip is all about making smartphones faster and more efficient. With this new technology, your phone can handle fancy AI apps much quicker, making chatting with bots smoother.

The new chip also comes with some cool new features:

  1. High-Performance Mode (HPM): This makes sure your phone runs smoothly even when you’re doing a lot at once.
  2. One Button Refresh (OBR): This helps keep your phone clean and running like new.
  3. Zoned UFS (ZUFS): This helps your phone’s storage last longer by managing data better.

Micron is already sending out samples of their new chip, which comes in different sizes. And guess what? Big phone companies like HONOR and Samsung are already using Micron’s new tech in their latest smartphones.

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