iPod Tax Proposal

WTF? iPod Tax Proposal, well thank God they’re talking about this in Canada, not the US. The Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) which are a bunch of record labels are pushing for a tax on iPods and other music players. We’re not talking just sales tax either.
ipod tax
So what kinda cash are they looking for?
  • $4.30 for 1GB devices
  • $21 for up to 10GB
  • $43 for up to 30GB
  • $65 for anything over 30GBs of storage
The CPCC tried this back in 2004 but failed and they now believe they can prove iPods and other MP3 players are “audio recording media” which is how the CPCC got started. For now the Canadians should be OK as the proposal wont be considered until tariffs are set for 2008-09. So get your 80GB iPod now. Source: Digital Media Wire