Grab Openmoko NEO Mobile Phone CAD Design Files

GFM posted about the Open Source Openmoko NEO phone which created a lot of buzz with our readers.  Today I received an email stating you can now download the CAD files for the NEO phone industrial design.

NEO CAD files

What does this mean?  Industrial design artists now have the same freedeom as software engineers in developing this great product.  Now, by publishing mechanical CAD files, Openmoko frees industrial designers to fundamentally redesign the Neo branded mobile phones to fit their vision and market needs.
“Guillermo Sureda-Burgos, Industrial design artist comments:  “I am amazed at the depth of your commitment to open design. This must be the first time in history that a company has opened its intellectual property to this extent. Openmoko’s revolutionary posting of the CAD files gives a whole new generation of Industrial Design students incredible insight into how it’s done as well as an opportunity to contribute with new concepts.”
So if you’re interested in creating your own mobile phone from the inside out – literally – with both software and hardware you can start by downloading the NEO CAD files. To find out more about software developments visit Openmoko for details. (thanks Pat Meier!)

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