Four Port 3.0 Host Controller From Renesas

Renesas is the spin off company from NEC who’s already making waves with their newest announcement of a USB 3.0 host controller which supports four downstream ports. This means the chip will provide more USB 3.0 ports to a motherboard, PCI card or embedded system applications.  In addition the new controller reduces it’s power consumption and increases performance. Renesas claims a 40% increase with this new controller, and I hate to say it, but that is a big jump from previous controllers – so I’m not totally convinced.  So it’ll need to be one of those “guilty until proven innocent” situations. Even if the increase doesn’t end up being as big as hoped the reduced power coupled with a more user-friendly update process is sure to make consumers happy… and four ports of USB 3.0 goodness is certainly going to make enthusiasts such as ourselves happy! Source:  EverythingUSB.


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