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Compact Flash Association – The Compact Flash Association is Developing a Specification for a CompactFlash Card with a SATA Interface CF SATA. The CompactFlash Association (CFA) announces the formation of a working group to develop a specification for a CompactFlash card with a SATA (Serial ATA) interface. SD Card Association – The SD Card Association aims to establish the technical and specification standards for SD Memory Card applications, to continuously promote the SD memory card as the de-facto industry standard, and to encourage the development of digital A/V, wireless communication, and digital networking products that utilize the many unique benefits of SD technology. Panasonic – One of the three corporate giants who founded the SD Card specification and organization. SD Card formatting software by Panasonic. SanDisk is a world leader in Flash Memory technology and manufacturing and a founding corporation of the SD Card Association, USB Implementors Forum and Compact Flash Association. Toshiba CorporationToshiba Corporation established the SD Card Association as a new industry-wide organization charged with setting industry standards and promoting wide acceptance for the SD Memory Card in digital applications.

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Copier Equipment

GetFlashMemory.info has reviewed USB Duplicators by Nexcopy.  Our results found the product to be reliable, fast and accurate.

They manufacture both PC connected and standalone systems to fit any type application

Custom Shape USB Media

Turn your product into a custom USB shape. Right down to the last detail. Click to see over 30 examples of custom shape USB drives.