Flash Memory Resources

Compact Flash Association – The Compact Flash Association is Developing a Specification for a CompactFlash Card with a SATA Interface CF SATA. The CompactFlash Association (CFA) announces the formation of a working group to develop a specification for a CompactFlash card with a SATA (Serial ATA) interface. SD Card Association – The SD Card Association aims to establish the technical and specification standards for SD Memory Card applications, to continuously promote the SD memory card as the de-facto industry standard, and to encourage the development of digital A/V, wireless communication, and digital networking products that utilize the many unique benefits of SD technology. Panasonic – One of the three corporate giants who founded the SD Card specification and organization. SD Card formatting software by Panasonic. SanDisk is a world leader in Flash Memory technology and manufacturing and a founding corporation of the SD Card Association, USB Implementors Forum and Compact Flash Association. Toshiba CorporationToshiba Corporation established the SD Card Association as a new industry-wide organization charged with setting industry standards and promoting wide acceptance for the SD Memory Card in digital applications.