Did Apple Computer Make This USB Fan?

Billy Idol’s Hot In The City is a tune which comes to mind whenever talking about USB gadgets that cool thyself.

With summer coming into full swing, this is a good time for a USB fan mention. Cruising the Amazon website this Aikoper product popped up. At first glance I honestly thought the fan was designed by Apple Computers. The aluminum base, slick black body and the cool grey vents, thought it was from Apple for sure. Wrong!

This USB fan has some unique features we believe everyone will like.

There is no switch for turning the fan on or off. Rather you touch the aluminum base. That is very Apple’esc. A single tap to the base and the USB fan goes into “low speed” mode. A double tap will put the USB fan into “high speed” mode. The third tap will turn the fan off. The touch sensitive base has four rubber pads to insure no vibration during operation.

The fan itself is a dual-blade design. Meaning there are four blades toward the front of the bionic shaped shell and another four blades near the rear of the black shell. The idea here is reducing the device noise while in operation.

The black shell case is convex in design to pull air down and into the system, rather than up and into the system. Although the pitch of the shell isn’t great, we may assume less dust and dirt will come into the system from a pull-down air flow design. The curved shell sits on a the aluminum base with some pitch mobility to angle the fan a bit higher or lower for optimal position while in use.

The product dimensions are 5.6 x 3.9 x 4.9 (inches) and sells for $16.99 USD from the Amazon website (at the time of this post).

The Amazon listing has over 1,609 ratings with 61% as a five star product, 13% as four star product and the balance just picky people trying to be overly critical. To give you an idea of product feedback and experience, here are some testimonials from the Amazon listing:


“Great fan! I bought this for my desk at the office, and I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product. It is quiet, it is powerful and it is just what I needed. Cool design, too!

The two speed settings are great, and I like there’s no buttons on the device itself (the base is touch-sensitive and acts as the on/off switch).

I would recommend to any/all who are consider purchasing!”


“Just opened this and plugged it into a USB extension from my PC. As stated, it does NOT plug into a wall outlet. It was smaller than I was expecting, but it looks great! It’s modern and sleek and looks cool on my desk. I have it pointed directly on my face from about 18 inches away and can feel the air it’s pushing out, but it’s not enough to blow my hair back. The tilt range is sufficient and it is very quiet. I love the touch feature to turn it on, adjust the speed and turn it off. That’s a cool feature for something so inexpensive. Overall, thumbs up!”


“Surprisingly strong and blows forceful considering its USB powered. There are two speeds low/high. It is very very quiet on low and just a slightly a bit noisier on high but nothing too bothersome.

One other thing to note that this is small, it is a bit bigger than a tin can of crushed pineapple on its side 😛 The touch base switch works very well, I’ve seen other reviews where people complain about it turning on when they move it, simple fix unplug it or simply don’t touch the base when you move it. I got this for work and I am thinking of getting one for my home office. Recommended.”

For full disclosure, here is a two star rating review from C Boston:

“First let me start off by saying the fan works great and as intended/advertised. I bought this fan for my desk and I love it…. except one thing. The fan is touch sensitive, the base of the fan controls the power and speed levels, again that is a great feature. What I am having an issue with is the touch indicator doesn’t always work. If you have dry fingers or slightly dry, sometimes a slight touch doesn’t activate the power. You have to almost press hard on it for it to read occasionally. “

The USB fan is available for Amazon prime so it’s ready to ship when you click the buy button. I have just ordered mine, and will post a review once the product arrives.


Mark McCrosky

Kicking around in technology since 2002. I like to write about technology products and ideas, but at the consumer level understanding. Some tech, but not too techie. Posting on Quora.com as well.

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