Correctly Downloading PSP Games To Memory Stick

Since PSP is a very popular gaming console, be sure you know exactly how to correctly download a game from the internet directly to your Sony Memory Stick.
sony psp
Here’s how:
  • First, make sure you have the correct firmware on the PSP. Should be 1.5. This version also allows you to download music, videos TV shows, etc.
  • Get a Sony Memory Stick. The larger the better as you can store more games on a single card. 256MB would be the minimum we recommend.
  • Make the connection. Use a USB cable and connect the PSP to your computer, turn on the PC then the PSP.
  • The PC then recognizes the PSP and assigns a drive letter to the Memory Stick (usually f but depends on other hardware you have)
  • Now you can drag-n-drop the game directly to your Memory Stick.
  • Once you navigate to the Memory Stick look for the folder PSP (in caps) then a sub-folder GAMES (in caps) then save your game in that folder.
  • In the PSP main menu, scroll to GAME and then select Memory Stick option. Press the X button obtain the list of games, videos, music, etc. If you experience any errors on your PSP, you might want to check the firmware version (1.5 or better).

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