CF Mirroring Flash Media

High end digital SLR cameras use two compact flash slots to record duplicate images during photo sessions.  The idea is to provide a backup in the event the media goes bad, gets corrupted or the misplaced by the photographer.
It’s been reported a Japanese company, Wise, will offer a single CF card with mirroring capability with in it.  So a 64GB card can mirror and act as two 32GB cards.  Wise Compact Flash will have 64GB of storage, and 60MB/50MB read/write speeds. But switch it to mirroring mode, and those numbers drop to 32GB and 30MB/25MB, but all your photos will be mirrored for redundant storage, so two copies of the image will be saved on the card.
The controller used in the CF mirroring flash card will send images to a dual partitioned drive done at the controller level.  When flash gets corrupted, it’s not the controller that created the fail, but the NAND memory cell sector not being stable, therefore streaming the images to a seperate partition decreases the likely hood of an image going bad during the record process, simply because the write happens twice to the card.
Should be exciting to see this product come to market and could pave the way for other flash memory devices to act the same way if the technology is well received and (of course) stable.
Source:  Noritake Electronics.

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