Eject USB Flash Drive From Windows Command Line

Microsoft does not provide ways to eject USB flash drives with a single click, or automatically. Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the #1 method for expanding storage in Windows, yet Microsoft makes ejecting a storage device such a manual process! Frustrating to many, like you, because you are here. {wink}

Today we cover how to eject a USB flash drive in Windows in the command prompt. In addition, this article also provides a software way to eject a USB flash drive with the single click of a button. Yes, that is right, a single click!

Let us start by covering how to eject a USB drive using the command prompt.

Like mentioned above, Microsoft does not make this easy. The user must get into DiskPart, List the volumes (drives) connected, select the specific volume (drive) then eject by typing “release.”

The above commands may be performed via the command prompt, but honestly it’s a pain in the a$$ because all the typing involved and manually selecting the device. This process needs to be automated. {hint}

If you are reading this article you want to make things quick, easy and simple.

Nexcopy solved this problem with a free utility that doesn’t require installation, doesn’t require Admin rights, and doesn’t require you to select the drive. The tool is ultra-quick and ultra-easy. In addition, anyone can bundle the free exe file into their own software to automate the process.

The free software tool is called USB Eject Button

Here is the download link to eject USB flash drives from Windows command prompt

Below is the command prompt using a single word to eject a USB flash drive. The command is “release”

However, what if multiple USB flash drives are connected? Is it still just as easy to eject all the USB flash drives? The answer is yes. The USB Eject Button tool works by automatically selecting the last USB flash drive connected to be the first USB flash drive ejected.

Below is an example. We connected “Drive One” first, then “Drive Two” and finally “Drive Three”

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Silicon Motion (SMI) Gains Over 580% In Valuation

silicon motion website logo

Silicon Motion, or SMI, is a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol SIMO

Founded in 1995, Silicon Motion Technology Corporation is a leading developer of microcontroller ICs for NAND flash storage devices. The semiconductor company also designs, develops and markets high-performance, low-power semiconductor solutions for original equipment manufacturers (“OEM”) such as Nexcopy Incorporated, a Southern California technology company focused on flash memory storage products.

Silicon Motion currently holds 1,522 patents, with 1,302 of those patents pending for final approval. The company has a revenue of $540 million dollars, annually.

A $1000 investment made in August 2011 would be worth $6,831.87, or a gain of 583.19%, as of August 23, 2021, according to NASDAQ calculations. This return excludes dividends but includes price appreciation.

Source: NASDAQ

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Make a USB Flash Drive Appear as CD-ROM Drive – Hardware Solution


Lake Forest, CA – July 19, 2021 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced flash memory solutions, introduces Disc License CD-ROM flash drives. This technology will make a USB flash drive appear as a CD-ROM drive in any host.

Make a USB Flash Drive Appear as CD-ROM Drive

Disc License flash drives provide a migration path for those who depend on optical media such as CD and DVD but can no longer offer the product because optical drives are nearly gone in standard laptop and desktop computers.

The Disc License product is a USB flash drive which appears as a CD-ROM device when connected to a host computer. This is a hardware solution which emulates a CD-ROM and is read-only (write protected) meaning data on the drive cannot be changed, manipulated, deleted or formatted off the drive. This is the best method to create a USB CD-ROM flash drive.

“Think of a Disc License drive as a blank CD or DVD,” states Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy. “The blank CD-ROM will have the capacity of whatever the Gigabyte capacity the customer orders. Simply point our software to any ISO file and the data will be written with the resultant drive being that of a CD-ROM.”

Morris continues, “What is so elegant about this solution is being able to re-write an ISO file to the device at any time. In an abstract sense, you could say this is a CD-RW solution, but in the shape of a USB flash drive.”

With the optical drive quickly going away, users are seeking alternate solutions to provide data as a CD-ROM device. There are many advantages to CD-ROM discs which have served the technology sector for many years. The auto-run function of CD-ROM is key to many software suppliers who depend on a quick and simple installation process. The CD is a read-only device by definition so the added benefit of a virus or malware not jumping onto the flash drive is an inherent benefit.

The Nexcopy Disc License CD-ROM USB flash drive has the following features:

Features: Make a USB Flash Drive Appear as CD-ROM Drive

  • Default state of drive is read-only, a.k.a write protected
  • Use any ISO file to create a CD-ROM USB flash drive
  • Includes bootable ISO files
  • Make a USB Flash Drive Appear as CD-ROM Drive
  • Free data-load software to produce CD-ROMs
  • Re-write a new ISO file to the drive at any time
  • This is a hardware solution so cannot be hacked or manipulated
  • Available in USB 2.0 and 3.0 technology and ranging from 2GB through 128GB capacities

Stan McCrosky, head of Sales, comments,

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Free USB Speed Test Utility

Did you know Windows 10 has a speed test feature you can easily run from the CMD prompt?

This feature is what many USB flash drive speed test applications call upon during their operation. Rather than download some software utility off the internet, which only god knows what virus could be lurking inside, just use the Windows tool.

In addition to avoiding the possibility of a virus from a internet download, this tool is a standardized feature everyone has. In the event you are having performance issues you are trying to report to a flash drive manufacturer, this tool gives you both the same code to perform USB flash drive speed tests without having different applications giving varied results.

Every flash drive manufacturer claims a particular read and write speed of their flash drive and this is a great tool to verify what you purchased is what you received. It’s been said manufacturers will manipulate their computer environment to optimize the performance and use those optimized results as their marketing material. This could be true when a manufacturer is trying to determine the maximum performance, so let’s take a look now at benchmarking a standard environment.

The read and write speed of a flash drive will depend on the USB port one is using during the test. You will see a performance difference between a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 device that is connected to a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 socket on your computer. So take note about what you are doing!

After you’ve connected the USB drive to your USB port, take note of which technology they are, and be sure no data is on your drive. Although this Windows utility did not remove our data during testing, one can never be too sure.

In Windows type CMD into the search field.

Please be sure to use the Ctrl + Shift keys when you click the Enter key. This will run the command prompt at the Administrator level. You want to run this at the Admin level because if you don’t, a separate window will pop up during the testing process and immediately disappear with the process is done… taking the speed test results with it!

Once you’ve opened the command prompt at the Admin level, type the following:

winsat disk -drive d (where d is drive letter)

Windows will perform it’s task and should take about one minute to complete. The results will be printed out in the console window once everything is complete. Take note from our example below. This is a 64GB drive which we connected to both a USB 2.0 socket and a USB 3.0 socket. You can see the performance difference.

The information you want are:

  • > Disk Sequential 64.0 Read
  • > Disk Sequential 64.0 Write

Nice feature, right? Free and immediately available.

For those who don’t want to go this far, you could always take a large file, say 100MBs or larger and drag-and-drop this to your USB flash drive for speed testing. Just look at the copy process window and you’ll get a fairly good idea of device speed.

It’s important to remember flash drive media does not copy at sustained transfer speeds. The speed process does move around during the copy process; however, the read process is more stable and should happen at a more sustained transfer speed. We’ve seen drives drop down to 1MB/second for a short bit, before jumping back up to 30+MB/second write speed.

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The new iPad OS Supports Flash Drives and SD/microSD Cards

Today Apple announced the new iPadOS will support USB thumb drives. The iPad has long been toughted a workers tablet from Apple, but the relaity is their iPad didn’t provide much functionality. In addition, the devices have limited storage.

With today’s announcement the above argument could get a little muted.

Update: We learned the iPad will allow other storage devices such as external hard drives and SD or microSD cards (with USB adapters). The USB port will also allow for HID devices, such as a USB mouse and keyboard. We are not sure if the iPad will support Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, but we’ve got to assume, right!

There is no word about the connection. The connection could be one of three; an adapter, USB-C socket size or the classic USB type A socket size.

iPad accepts usb drive

Source: GetUSB.info News Site.

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News Review: Nexcopy Launches USB-C Duplicator For Mass USB-C Duplication

Nexcopy put out a press release today announcing a USB-C Duplicator which is available for immediate purchase. The USB-C200PC is a twenty target USB-C socket duplicator which is PC based and loaded with software features.

Via EIN Presswire service, Nexcopy Inc the news release talks about the increased demand is due from Apple housing a USB-C socket for their computers and Iot, or Internet of Things, type products are using the USB-C socket more frequently. Because of this shift, the duplication equipment market has adjusted.

usb-c duplicator

Because the Nexcopy duplicator is PC based does not mean you will lose functionality and speed. The USB-C200PC is believed to be a 3.1 based technology and will write at the devices maximum transfer rate. USB 3.1 has a theoretical maximum speed of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). Keep in mind that is “theoretical” so your real world experience will never get that close.

The USB-C200PC ships with the Drive Manager software which is well known for having all sorts of advanced features for data load and duplication needs.

Some USB-C Duplicator Features

  • Six copy modes
  • Binary copy mode supports all formats; HFS, Ext2,3,4, Proprietary
  • Unique data streaming to each USB-C socket
  • Binary verification
  • Erase and D.o.D. Erase for disk sanitization
  • Data collection to extract files off USB-C devices
  • Intuitive and informative Drive Manager software
  • Upgradeable to PRO Series for USB-C write protection
  • Upgradeable to PRO Series for USB-C partitioning

One interesting copy mode is the unique data streaming function. The data streaming function gives a user the ability to put unique data to each USB-C flash drive. This is of particular interest for software publishers and on-demand USB production sent from on-line, front end order fulfillment solutions.

Nexcopy is also well known for the PRO series duplicators that perform advanced functions to flash drives, such as USB write protection (USB read-only), partitions at the controller level, and serial number control for UFD identification. From the press release, these advanced functions will also be available on the USB-C200PC duplicator.

As of January 2022, USB-C has become increasingly popular in laptop computers due to its numerous advantages over previous USB standards. USB-C, also known as USB Type-C, offers several key features that make it highly desirable for laptop manufacturers and users alike:

Versatility: USB-C is a multipurpose port that supports various protocols, including USB 3.1/3.2, Thunderbolt 3/4, DisplayPort, and Power Delivery (PD). This versatility allows users to connect a wide range of devices, such as external storage drives, displays, peripherals, and power adapters, using a single USB-C port.

Faster Data Transfer Speeds: USB-C supports higher data transfer speeds compared to older USB standards. With USB 3.1/3.2 and Thunderbolt 3/4 protocols, users can transfer data at rates of up to 10 Gbps (USB 3.1/3.2) or 40 Gbps (Thunderbolt 3/4), significantly reducing file transfer times.

Increased Power Delivery: USB-C ports with Power Delivery (PD) capabilities can deliver higher power outputs, allowing them to charge laptops and other devices more quickly and efficiently. This feature is especially beneficial for ultraportable laptops and 2-in-1 devices that prioritize portability and battery life.

Reversible Connector: One of the most notable features of USB-C is its reversible connector, which can be plugged in either orientation without needing to worry about the cable’s orientation. This user-friendly design simplifies the connection process and reduces wear and tear on the port and connector.

Compact Form Factor: USB-C connectors are smaller and more compact than previous USB connectors, making them ideal for thin and lightweight laptops. This allows manufacturers to design slimmer devices without sacrificing connectivity options.

Industry Adoption: USB-C has gained widespread industry adoption and support from major technology companies, including laptop manufacturers, smartphone makers, and accessory providers. This broad support has contributed to its increasing popularity and availability across a wide range of devices.

Future-Proofing: As USB-C continues to evolve and become the standard for connectivity, laptops equipped with USB-C ports are considered more future-proof. Users can expect their devices to remain compatible with upcoming USB-C peripherals and accessories for years to come.

The USB-C duplicator has a list price of $1,299 and is available through on-line retails like Amazon, WalMart.com and NewEgg. If you are outside the United States, the product is available through a worldwide network of authorized resellers.

Nexcopy did allude to larger models coming out in the months ahead. It appears the manufacturer will introduce a 40 target and 60 target USB-C duplicator later in the year.

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SlideShare – USB Duplicator, USB115SA by Nexcopy

USB Duplicator by Nexcopy, Model USB 115SA

The USB Duplicator USB115SA offer several benefits

Efficiency: USB duplicators allow users to quickly and efficiently copy data to multiple USB drives simultaneously. This eliminates the need for manual copying or using individual computers to duplicate data, saving time and resources, especially when duplicating large quantities of USB drives.

High-Speed Duplication: USB duplicators are capable of copying data at high speeds, depending on the model and specifications. This enables users to duplicate large amounts of data in a relatively short amount of time, improving productivity and workflow efficiency.

Batch Processing: USB duplicators support batch processing, allowing users to duplicate multiple USB drives in a single operation. This is particularly useful for tasks such as distributing software updates, promotional materials, training materials, or other content to a large number of USB drives simultaneously.

Plug-and-Play Operation: USB duplicators typically feature plug-and-play functionality, meaning they can be easily connected to a computer or network without the need for additional software installation or configuration. This makes them user-friendly and accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise.

Versatility: USB duplicators support a wide range of USB drive types, including USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB-C, as well as various capacities and form factors. This versatility allows users to duplicate data onto different types of USB drives to suit their specific requirements.

Customization Options: Some USB duplicators offer customization options, allowing users to personalize the duplicated USB drives with custom branding, labels, or preloaded content. This can be beneficial for marketing campaigns, promotional giveaways, or distributing branded materials.

Data Security: USB duplicators often feature security features such as copy protection and write protection, which help prevent unauthorized access or duplication of sensitive data stored on the USB drives. This is particularly important for businesses, government agencies, and organizations that deal with confidential or proprietary information.

Cost-Effectiveness: In the long run, USB duplicators can be cost-effective solutions for duplicating data compared to manual copying or using individual computers for duplication. They help save labor costs, reduce downtime, and minimize the risk of errors or inconsistencies in the duplication process.

The SlideShare presentation is for duplication equipment by Nexcopy Inc.  This conforms to the USB-IF specification.

USB duplicator USB115SA

About Nexcopy

Nexcopy Inc. is a technology company based in Southern California that specializes in providing innovative solutions for digital media duplication and distribution. Founded in 2008, Nexcopy has established itself as a leading manufacturer of USB duplicators, SD card duplicators, and other data duplication equipment.

Product Portfolio: Nexcopy offers a diverse range of products designed to address the needs of various industries and applications. This includes USB duplicators capable of copying multiple USB drives simultaneously, SD card duplicators for copying Secure Digital media, microSD duplicators, and CF card duplicators. Their products cater to sectors such as education, government, corporate training, content distribution, and more.

Innovative Solutions: Nexcopy is known for its commitment to innovation and product development. They continuously introduce new features and technologies to enhance the performance, efficiency, and security of their duplication solutions. For example, their USB duplicators often feature advanced functions such as copy protection, write protection, and serialization capabilities.

Drive Manager Software: Nexcopy’s Drive Manager software is a proprietary application developed by the company to complement their duplication hardware. This software provides users with comprehensive control and management capabilities, allowing them to execute complex duplication tasks, monitor progress, and customize settings according to their requirements.

ocus on Security: Nexcopy places a strong emphasis on data security and protection. Many of their products incorporate features such as copy protection, which prevents unauthorized duplication or access to sensitive content stored on USB drives or SD cards. These security measures are particularly valuable for businesses and organizations that deal with confidential or proprietary information.

Customer Support: Nexcopy is known for its dedication to customer satisfaction and support. They offer technical assistance, troubleshooting guidance, and product training to help users maximize the capabilities of their duplication equipment. Additionally, their responsive customer service team is available to address inquiries and provide assistance as needed.

Global Presence: While headquartered in Southern California, Nexcopy serves customers worldwide through a network of authorized resellers and distributors. This global presence enables them to reach a diverse range of markets and industries, ensuring that their products are readily available to customers across different regions.

Nexcopy Inc. is a reputable technology company known for its innovative solutions, reliable products, and commitment to customer service. With a focus on digital media duplication and distribution, Nexcopy continues to meet the evolving needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking efficient and secure data duplication solutions.

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New Malware Targets USBs

Data security through the internet is one of the most volatile industries in today’s world. Bug exploits, malicious code, and all kinds of data stealing programs being born through the constant fluidity of web content has led to many companies and organizations removing their valuable information from the grid altogether. A new threat on the hardware front however, may prove to be a challenge for even this avenue of data protection.
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Custom USBs At Your Fingertips

Branding products isn’t a new concept in today’s marketing world, but Nexcopy has made it a lot more accessible to brand one of the most versatile pieces of technology in the industry. With the new USB7P full color inkjet printer, anyone can bring their designs or images to life on their flash drives. Check out the video illustrating the product with its features and benefits.
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2TB Sony Memory Stick Pro

Wouldn’t it be nice…a 2 Terabyte Sony Memory Stick?  It just might replace my trusted 8GB flash drive I use obsessively.  Bummer it’s not a real product [yet].

2TB Memory Stick Pro

Sony put out a specification for this new Memory Stick Format Series for Extended High Capacity on the oss-formats.org website earlier today.  The new series uses the exFAT format to reach these higher capacities, but still offers up poor transfer speeds of 480Mbps [60MBs per second].  That translates into a data load of about 555,555 hours – WOW – is my math wrong? The Memory Stick XC format series should deliver a maximum capacity of 2TB, 60 times larger than the company’s Memory Stick Pro, currently at 32GB. What’s even more interesting is that, at least on paper, the XC series will have the same form factors as Sony’s current PRO series. Continue Reading 41 Comments

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GetFlashMemory.info has reviewed SD Card Duplicators by Nexcopy.  Our results found the product to be reliable, fast and accurate.

They manufacture both PC connected and standalone systems to fit any type application

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