BlueTraks – A Major Distraction While Driving

In the US many states are adopting a no-cell phone road policy to help reduce driving accidents. Well, to fly in the face of that effort is the BlueTraks BT-211, a device that helps communicate in a hands-free environment.
Conceptually, it’s a good idea but it also interfaces with your iPod making it simple to view video while driving. Just what we need, loading up The Office re-runs while driving at 75mph. Although in Los Angeles, where I am, it’s really only 15mph about 99% of the time, so maybe the BlueTraks BT-211 isn’t that bad after all.
Source: New Launches, BlueTraks

Mark McCrosky

Kicking around in technology since 2002. I like to write about technology products and ideas, but at the consumer level understanding. Some tech, but not too techie. Posting on as well.

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