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Kicking around in technology since 2002. I like to write about technology products and ideas, but at the consumer level understanding. Some tech, but not too techie. Posting on as well.

How Solid is iPod Going to Get?

A report from Prudential Equity Group indicates Apple would be smart to shift from HHD to flash memory for the larger iPods. Although the cost-per-gigabyte would be more, the user experience and product logevity would improve. Currently only about 3.5 hours of juice are available for iPods when running video you don’t want to lose power at the climax.
ipod solit memory
Switching to flash memory reduces power consumption and extends video play to 5.5 hours, as significant improvement. With current iPod sizes at 30GB and 80GB and the largest flash memory (at a decent price for CE products) at 32GBs it’s a fairly easy decision to make.  By the time all solid flash memory devices are ready to hit the market we are looking at a high-end capacity range of 120GBs. Continue Reading

Memorex is Splash'in In Flash Memory

Memorex jumped into the jump drive market nearly two years ago and with it’s great success, Memorex is now splashing in flash memory. The first of ’07 Memorex announced their TravelCard flash line of media. This includes SD, MiniSD, MicroSD and a full line of MultiMediaCards.
Memorex travel card
With world flash drive consumption to reach over 450 million units by 2008 this is a great move. Most popular sizes for the TravelCard will be 1GB and 2GB sizes. Continue Reading

The Difference Between xD Picture Card Type M and Type H

The xD Picture Card was developed by Olympus and Fujifilm and released in mid 2002. The xD card then had improvements made and labeled Type M and Type H. The improvements of the xD flash memory technology where done to increase storage capacity and/or speed performance.
xd picture card type h type m
  • The original xD format held between 16MBs and 512MBs.
  • The following version was Type M. This increased storage capacity to 8GBs and released in the beginning of 2005.
  • The next format version, Type H, increased performance of data transfer and has a storage range of 256MBs to 2GBs. Type H xD card was released in late 2005.
Since Type H has better data transfer rates, this type of card is needed if using a camera for capturing video. Type M is too slow. Continue Reading

iMono SIM Reader – Small, Very Small

Make it small, very small. That was the mission statement for this project. iMono has a clean looking SIM and multi-card reader which is housed in a USB chassis for quick connection to your PC.
imono sim reader
Supports all the popular mobile card formats; mini SD Card, Micro SD (T-Flash), Secure Digital Card, MMC Card 4.0, MultiMedia Card, MultiMedia Card Plus, RS-MMC (MMC Mobile), RS-MMC4.0 (MMC Mobile 4.0), MMC micro, MS / MS Duo / MS PRO Duo, Mobile SIM Card. Also comes with a SIM phone book software suite which is extremely nice – who wants to input contacts via a phone pad – not me. Continue Reading

Easy Way to get DVD onto Sony PSP

PSP Video9 is a free video conversion and management application to get DVDs onto your PSP player. The software will convert video files like .avi and .mpeg into PSP video files. Obviously this isn’t decryption software so if your DVD title is protected then hit DIGG for key codes on cracking your title.
dvd to psp
The PSP Video9 software is freeware and takes up about 5MBs of space. You can include other applications with the Video9 to create PSPCasts or capture titles via RSS and BitTorrent technology. Continue Reading

VAIO C Series Pink for the Ladies

The C Series from Sony VAIO is now available in a variety of colors and designs like Sony VAIO pink. Most notably is the pink – perfect for your lady friend. Or maybe this will help inspire your mom getting up with the ages.
pink sony c series
Along with wide LCD and fast processing speeds (Intel Core 2 Duo processor) she’s expandable with memory via USB for Readyboost and memory stick slot for data exchange between cameras, camcorders, PMPs, phones – you name it. Continue Reading 72 Comments

Evolution of Video Games

My good friend and life time gamer, Darren, sent over this YouTube video about the evolution of video games. I don’t think kids know how good they’ve got it. Remember the hours we’d spend trying to master Pong or drive the Pole Position track over and over trying to extend our time. Those are a distant memory for today’s gamer. As for our kids, I wonder what their evolution snap-shot will look like? Take a look…

[ev type=”youtube” data=”fXmqUPDQXvA”][/ev]

Continue Reading

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