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GFM Dealz- Free 512MB SD Card from Kingston

Kingston is blowing out their 512MB Secure Digital flash cards for Zero dollars. $27 is list price and free after mail-in rebate. Free economy shipping. Only a couple days left – offer good through 1/27/07.
kingston 512mb secure digital
Break from the limitations of traditional memory devices and put more storage at your fingertips with Kingston Technology’s Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. The latest in the Kingston family, SD memory cards combine massive storage capacity, blazing data transfer rates and ironclad security in a memory card no bigger than a postage stamp. 16 Reviews. Average rating 4.5 out of 5. Get the GFM Dealz now! Continue Reading

ViewSonic LCD with Card Reader and iPod Dock Station

ViewSonic has always been a fan of combining peripheral items with their monitors and the VX2245WM is no exception. Jumping onto the iPod band-wagon, ViewSonic now offers their monitor with iPod dock station. In addition the VX2245WM beholds an 8-in-1 card reader for ultra convenience.

viewsonic vc2245wm

The 1680×1050 pixel resolution and 700:1 contrast ratio make viewing any movie a pleasure. And to make sure no stone is left unturned, ViewSonic also integrated speakers and subwoofer so that your standard PC speakers can be left to collect dust.

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New Lightening Fast Lexar Card Readers

Lexar remains the head of the pack with their new UDMA enabled card reader and SDHC card reader series. The Ultra Direct Memory Access reader (Lexar Professional UDMA FireWire 800 Reader) conforms to the high-performance flash memory protocol for CompactFlash while the Lexar Professional Dual-Slot USB Reader can read both SD and SDHC flash memory.
lexar udma card reader
Both Lexar card readers are do out by end of Q2 2007 with price points of $80 and $50 respectively. Continue Reading 1 Comment

How To Install an Executable from miniSD

install executable from minisd

In the event you have a mobile phone or PDA which uses a miniSD card, you might want to install a .exe file from flash. To do this, it’s fairly simple. Since .exe files must be installed from the PC, simply connect the device to the computer and run the executable file. During installation you should have the option on where to install the program, from there select the flash memory.

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Beyonce Teams With Samsung On F300 Phone

Samsung is in collaboratin with Beyonce on their SGH-F300 Ultra Music phone where she will heavliy promot the product in spot TV commercials, ads and concert tours. Not a bad move for Samsung as teaming with Beyonce gains some serious followers. The deal also gives F300 owners an exclusive and embedded sound track, “Irreplaceable” pre-loaded on the cell.
f300 samsung phone beyonce
The F300 is a unique device with two faces. A large display for viewing pics, videos and movies and on the back side, a smaller display for phone entry and dialing. With the ultra slim design and expandible microSD card, it’s a very attractive deal. Not available everywhere, but with Beyonce on-board it will be soon. Continue Reading

4GB MicroSDHC From Kingmax

Kingmax is the first to make a big leap into the 4GB MicroSDHC territory. To get perspective on how small this flash memory is consider a MiniSD card being about 1/2 the size of a US postage stamp. A MicroSD card is 1/2 smaller then that – or about 1/4 the size of a postage stamp.
The Secure Digital High Capacity card (SDHC) is based off Samsung’s 63 nanometer processing technology – currently the world’s smallest. The MicroSD cards are the #1 flash memory used in PDAs, cell phones and SmartPhones. Not only did Kingmax decrease the size but they increased Continue Reading 63 Comments

Sony Mylo Communicator Beefed up on Memory Stick

With the recent news of the Memory Stick PRO going to 8GBs the Sony Mylo Personal Communicator is bigger then ever. The Mylo is an ultra portable Wi-Fi enabled personal communicator and multimedia player.
sony mylo communicator
Access eMail, browse the web, and Skype to anyone – anywhere. The Mylo supports the most popular Instant Messaging services like Yahoo!, Google Talk and Skype. The Sony Mylo has a 2.4 inch LCD display with 320×240 resolution and Continue Reading

Griffin Introduces ExpressCard 5:1 Reader

So Griffin developed a 5:1 card reader that fits in your PCMCIA slot – gee aren’t there like 52:1 card readers out there now? Well, if you’re a Griffin fan and need a Memory Stick, SD, MMC, xD card reader this is the ticket for you.
griffin expresscard reader
Oh, you say only 4 cards listed, that’s right – Griffin counts the Memory Stick PRO as #5. WOW, maybe we should contract these guys for a marketing campaign. As one could expect, the Griffin ExpressCard reader is plug-n-play and requires no additional battery power. Good job guys. Continue Reading

Neo 808i Mobile Cell Phone – iPhone Who?

Neo 808i is more in-line with an MP3 then a mobile cell phone. The new design from Neo is expected to ship near March 07 and we can’t wait. Check this out; MP3 and MP4 support, FM radio, GMS, auto switching between GSM and GPRS900/1800/1900 and SMS, MMS, EMS with a 262color screen at 1.76 inches.
neo 808i
With streaming video, live chat, follow-me-messaging and IP phone capability it’s a wonder why the iPhone is such a buzz when this little guy holds all the beauty. Of course load up your favorite tunes at up to 4GBs of MicroSD memory. Included is Continue Reading

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