Aroo Is The Storage System Every Household Has Been Waiting For

For anyone who has traveled, either to a vacation or a variety of business trips, deciding what to bring with you is one of the most vital pieces of the journey. While many ask themselves how they can take less, the experts at aroo asked how travelers could bring more. Through generations of design and industry testing, the aroo system was created as the answer to storing a larger quantity clothes and fabrics in a brilliant and efficient way.
aroo system
Having one less bag in the car or not needing to check a bag at the airport is an incredible asset for long trips and a weight off the shoulders of anyone focused on reaching their destination. aroo seeks to increase the available space of a bag or suitcase by 50% with their signature aroo vacuum. The vacuum tackles some of the more prominent issues with other vacuum bag products, primarily portability and time consumption.
When using standard vacuum bags, the process of lugging out a vacuum isn’t the most convenient but it’s a perfectly reasonable way to pack clothes prior to a trip. The problem here, is how to get back? Bring a vacuum with you? Borrow a vacuum from the destination before the trip back home? Additionally, on a cruise or vacation most consumers will come back with at least a few extra articles of clothing or souvenirs. This presents the problem of a larger space requirement and no way to re-use the bags your clothes were originally stored in. aroo solves both of these problems by being lightweight and compact without sacrificing any power. Weighing in at 5.8oz and around 15cm long, the aroo is smaller and lighter than an ordinary bottle of sunscreen or bug spray which makes it the perfect addition to a suitcase with vacuumed aroo bags inside.
Possibly the most impressive feature of the aroo system is the power the aroo vacuum brings with its small size and the refreshingly short time it takes to shrink a bag down to be ready for packing. Users of some more conventional vacuum bag products will know that a home vacuum can take 10-15 minutes of consistent suction in order to compress just one of the bags destined for a suitcase. The aroo vacuum is capable of doing similar volumes in just seconds with its highly efficient and advanced turbine impeller. Only seen in industrial air movement systems, the aroo‘s miniaturization of the impeller vacuum provides enough power for suitcase and storage loads.
Whether planning a weekend getaway, a business trip, or simply looking for better storage around the house, aroo is a fantastic storage tool. Available on Kickstarter for only $30, aroo is set to be a household product with the amount of utility it provides.
For info about aroo and how you can get one, Purchase aroo Here

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