Aaton Cantar-X: Hear the love

I thought I’d hit my wish list today, and also return to the audio end of the creative spectrum, as it has been a while since we last visited our ears. One of the biggest screw ups in A/V production is bad sound, so getting the best possible field source will make a massive difference to a production. And this shouldn’t be just lip service! Get out there and do it right! You really will be happy you did. To get a taste of just how good it can get, I’m highlighting the Aaton Cantar-X: truly the Ferrari of field recording, and it has a price to match.
Aaton Cantar-X field recording unit
This is a weather proofed unit featuring twin batteries you can rotate for unceasing record times, with a 127GB HDD plus an internal CD-R/DVD+R burner. The Cantar-X will give you up to 8 tracks simultaneous recording with individual control across up to 6 of them. Firewire connectivity will even let it record direct to your computer hard drive if you have it handy. And if the hard drive just isn’t enough, it also supports flash memory.All the specs on this amazing piece of hardware are right here. Drooling over the attention to detail in engineering this product could be a hobby. If you have a spare $20,000 floating around (actually, more than that — but if you have $20k spare, you probably have a bit more), then one of these gorgeous babies can be yours. Australian’s should get in touch with LEMAC for information on buying this or many other pieces of high-end creative kit.

Mark McCrosky

Kicking around in technology since 2002. I like to write about technology products and ideas, but at the consumer level understanding. Some tech, but not too techie. Posting on Quora.com as well.

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