A Charging Station For Customers

In response to the countless devices we use such as tablets, ChromeBooks, phones, MP3 players, and even 3D glasses, Saelig Unique Electronics has released a product to keep everything juiced up simultaneously while maintaining safety for each unique device.
USB Device
The Cambrionix U16S Universal USB Charging Board allows users to charge up to 16 USB 2.0 devices at manufacturer-approved speeds and at up to 2.1A per port. Available for Mac and Windows environments, the U16S is ideal for schools, restaurants, airports, or any other location where customer services could be enhanced by offering a universal charging facility.
The U16S also includes compatibility with LCD or LED displays enabling users to view the status of their battery and other specifications such as time remaining or current (in Amperes) flowing to each device. The included LiveViewer software demonstrates the unique benefits and facilitates this informative display. LiveViewer shows each port if a device is attached and how much energy it is using. Furthermore, each port can be configured on or off from the app to avoid unwanted use of the product at certain times or after a period of usage.
Altogether, the U16S is a great utility for public areas and could even serve well in the home for families with a plethora of devices so feel free to check out the press release of the product as well as their website: https://www.saelig.com/.
By comparison however, there are products which go a bit further. Not only able to charge devices, the PC Based Duplicators from Nexcopy can handle data transfer between any variation of devices as well as communication from the device to the computer. Supporting up to 20 USB 2.0 devices or 16 USB 3.0 devices, the USB200Pro can perform advanced functions at the USB controller level such as creating and writing to partitions, USB write protection, and most impressively creating a fully Copy Secure drive which disables unwanted copying, relocation, or deletion of data while still maintaining viewing functions. You can find Nexcopy’s full suite of PC-Based and Standalone products on their website: www.Nexcopy.com.
USB Duplication
As flash media and USB devices become more common, tools like these are increasingly more necessary for public facilities and business. Make sure to stay up to date with the products right for you and your customers and we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

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