4GB MicroSDHC From Kingmax

Kingmax is the first to make a big leap into the 4GB MicroSDHC territory. To get perspective on how small this flash memory is consider a MiniSD card being about 1/2 the size of a US postage stamp. A MicroSD card is 1/2 smaller then that – or about 1/4 the size of a postage stamp.
The Secure Digital High Capacity card (SDHC) is based off Samsung’s 63 nanometer processing technology – currently the world’s smallest. The MicroSD cards are the #1 flash memory used in PDAs, cell phones and SmartPhones. Not only did Kingmax decrease the size but they increased the performance. Read speeds of up to 22MB/sec and write speeds of 19MB/sec.
Note: The MicroSDHC format is not backward compatible with MicroSD technology so don’t blow your paycheck just yet.
Source: PDAStreet