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Compact Flash Uses Dual Processor For 90MB Sec Transfer Rate

dual processor CF cardYes, you read the title correct.  We now have a dual processor on Compact Flash cards.  The new SanDisk Extreme Pro clicks along at an impressive 90MB/s transfer rate. Just what the doctor ordered for the professional photographer and photo analysis equipment applications. So what does this mean for transfer rates?  Well consider a typical [high performance] CF card runs at 45MB/s write speed.  The new dual processor CF card runs [basically] twice as fast. Of course the device itself is only half the equation, you still need a host who can accept such fast speeds, such as the Canon EOS 7D or Nikon D300s dSLRs to name a few. For those who have the camera already, you might need the SanDisk Extreme Pro ExpressCard Adapter which plugs into the ExpressCard slot on laptops. Compared with typical card readers which offer up to 20MB/s transfer rates, the SanDisk adapter allows up to 90MB/s read and write speeds. The Extreme Compact Flash series is targeted at enthusiasts and available in 8GB (S$139 (US$99.43)), 16GB (S$269 (US$192.43)) and 32GB (S$399 (US$285.43)) capacities. For professional photographers who need fast, high-capacity media, the Extreme Pro comes in 16GB (S$413 (US$295.44)), 32GB (S$741 (US$530.08)) and 64GB (S$1,382 (US$988.63)) versions. The new cards are in retail stores now. Continue Reading 12 Comments

Compact Circular Card Reader

card readerElecom has a slick new card reader.  It’s compact in size and versatile in memory card support. Traditionally card readers are like flash drives, rectangular in shape with a little dress-up on the outside case.  Elcom’s is a creative twist. The circular card reader includes a magnet on the base so you can attach it to your 1970’s metal desk, or use it to pin up your kids latest drawing on the refrigerator door. The circular card reader is available in black, white, pink and lime green.  List price is $27 and ships directly from Japan. Continue Reading 1 Comment

Car Key Spy Camera Will Catch Anyone In The Act

I have seen spy cameras hidden in alarm clocks, plants, fake digital cameras, stuffed animals and toys.  Today we see the most common everyday item, the car key, as a spy camera. Place this inconspicuous spy gadget just about any where and no one will know the wiser.  They’ll just assume it’s someone car keys laying around.  Little do they know, it’s a spy camera.

spy camera

Great for spying on the boss.  Spying on the nanny.  Spying on your girlfriend [because they are the ones that always cheat] and spying on your kids. Just perfect. The fake car key spy camera does video, photo and sound recording.  Image quality is 1600 x 1600 which is good enough for any court of law and 29 frames per second…again good enough for the court of law, although I’m no lawyer. Don’t forget the microSD slot which is the reason this fake car key spy camera made it onto this website in the first place.

microSD card slot

Price: $36 or $63 with 8GB micorSD card. Continue Reading 1,274 Comments

Nexcopy Uses Movie Trailer Theme to Make Product Announcement

So here is an interesting twist to how a company can introduce a product.  Nexcopy used the common theme of a Movie Trailer to position their new 40 and 60 port USB Duplicators.  The quality of the video is excellent and the short 1 minute video gives you just enough information to peak your interest, yet not bore you to death. LinkedTube We’ve mentioned Nexcopy Inc. before with their flag ship 20 port USB duplicator, then SD Duplicators and USB Copy Protection solutions. Continue Reading 1 Comment

Samsung Getting Into Retail Flash Memory Sales

For those who know, the Samsung branded NAND flash memory is considered the Tier 1 quality that everyone talks about.  It’s the best stuff out there…highest quality, best in performance, yet always a touch above others [Micron, Hynix, etc] in price.

Samsung flash

Well that might change because Samsung is entering the retail market with their solid state flash of Secure Digital, Compact Flash and microSD media. Samsung will release sizes from 4GB to 16GB capacity before the end of 2009.  These cards will be in the ‘Plus’ memory card class and compliant with the Secure Digital class 6 performance standards.  Cards boust a speed range of 17Mbps to 45Mbps. Continue Reading 2 Comments

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