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Samson Q3 Is Portable Video Recorder With 32Gigs

Samson just released a great looking product, the Q3.  It’s a hand held video recorder and what is particularly nice about this unit, is the huge microphone perched at the top.  Now it’s easier than ever to capture that perfect moment – in both video and audio.

Samson Q3

In addition to the well positioned microphone, the Samson Q3 also has an expansion slot via SD card for additional memory capacity.  Up to 32GBs to be exact.  Thus the title of the article.

Samson Q3 SD slot

The Samson Q3 also has VGA output so you can easily connect the device to your TV for instant viewing. Use HandyShare to edit and share video on your favorite websites including YouTube, Facebook and MySpace. You can connect the video recorder to your computer via USB connection. Continue Reading 26 Comments

Fake SD Flash Seller On eBay

I’ve heard plenty of stories about fake flash sellers on eBay.  Typically we see counterfeits with crooks changing the VendorID and ProductID of an ultra cheap brand to something premium for USB sticks [say a Sony MicroVault] but the thieves are also getting into SDHC cards, SD, CF and other media types.

fake SD cards

What is amazing, is the willingness of these crooks to make good and show their good will towards a “bad situation” while all the while sticking it to you.
I recently found a website called SOSFakeFlash which documents many of these situations.
Take a quick read – it’s interesting to see what these crooks are up to – but at the same time know this: Continue Reading 3 Comments

Sony Walkman Turns 30 – Happy Birthday

30 years ago this week Sony launched the first Walkman, the TPS-L2.  This product changed the world for how people listened to their personal music.  The TPS-L2 was a sleek package with small footprint that allowed people to easily carry their cassette tapes and listen to their music on the go.

first sony walkman

The TPS-L2 originally sold for $200 and was called the “Soundabout” but the company quickly turned the company brand into the Walkman by the end of that same year.  Sony never looked back…well, not until the iPod came out 23 years later. With the introduction of digital music Sony lost their step in being the lead provider of personal audio players. Now Sony is sporting their flagship Walkman the Continue Reading 36 Comments

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