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Remove USB Partition Is Possible With a’liddle Help

Yesterday reported about a USB duplication service company that can remove partitions on a USB drive.  USBCopier can remove Read Only USB partition and remove CDROM USB partition through some sort of software they have.  They company can also remove those partitions for large numbers of drives.  I guess that makes sense if you are in the business of flash duplication.

remove USB CDROM partition

As GetUSB mentions, there is a utility out there to remove the partition of a U3 drive, but that only works for a specific model of flash drive.  We know many times, the promotional drives you get from trade shows have the partition with the companies information on there, and more often that not, it’s a CDROM partition with an autorun.  The autorun gets very annoying because continually launches upon connection.  It would be nice to remove the CDROM USB partition so you could use the full capacity of the drive without the autorun. Source: Continue Reading 2 Comments

Boot Your MacBook Pro From SD Slot

macbook pro sd slotMacWorld posted an article about a French website getting the MacBook Pro to boot from a SD card in the SD slot.  Not a huge feat, but I think it’s an indication that laptop manufacturers, both PC and Mac, will continue going down the road of being Optical-less [if that’s a world]. If you are a MacBook Pro owner and interested in this bootability, please visit the following link: here. The MacWorld article also mentioned a new SD format of SDXC which is based off the new Windows exFAT format for extended FAT and FAT32 sizes.  I’ll dig up some research on this and report back. Source: MacWorld. Continue Reading 135 Comments

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