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Griffin Introduces ExpressCard 5:1 Reader

So Griffin developed a 5:1 card reader that fits in your PCMCIA slot – gee aren’t there like 52:1 card readers out there now? Well, if you’re a Griffin fan and need a Memory Stick, SD, MMC, xD card reader this is the ticket for you.
griffin expresscard reader
Oh, you say only 4 cards listed, that’s right – Griffin counts the Memory Stick PRO as #5. WOW, maybe we should contract these guys for a marketing campaign. As one could expect, the Griffin ExpressCard reader is plug-n-play and requires no additional battery power. Good job guys. Continue Reading

Neo 808i Mobile Cell Phone – iPhone Who?

Neo 808i is more in-line with an MP3 then a mobile cell phone. The new design from Neo is expected to ship near March 07 and we can’t wait. Check this out; MP3 and MP4 support, FM radio, GMS, auto switching between GSM and GPRS900/1800/1900 and SMS, MMS, EMS with a 262color screen at 1.76 inches.
neo 808i
With streaming video, live chat, follow-me-messaging and IP phone capability it’s a wonder why the iPhone is such a buzz when this little guy holds all the beauty. Of course load up your favorite tunes at up to 4GBs of MicroSD memory. Included is Continue Reading

Nokia N93i has DVD Quality Recording Ability & TV-out

Nokia can’t let go of the swivel display mobile phone series. Their latest intro is the Nokia N93i with a killer 3.2mp Carl Zeiss Vario-Tesser lens (does it really matter?) 802.11 Wi-Fi, Universal Plug-n-Play and MiniSD expansions slot. This multimedia masterpiece even has TV-out capability. Nokia claims she can record 90 minutes of video in DVD like quality and even burn DVDs. Nokia went far enough to develop a tripod for-a-phone? WTF. Tripod DT-22
nokia n93i
Check out Nokia N93i video commercial. Continue Reading

iPod Tax Proposal

WTF? iPod Tax Proposal, well thank God they’re talking about this in Canada, not the US. The Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) which are a bunch of record labels are pushing for a tax on iPods and other music players. We’re not talking just sales tax either.
ipod tax
So what kinda cash are they looking for? Continue Reading

Nokia RFID Phone Makes Payments For You

The Nokia 6131 NFC is just another sign of a growing trend for use of RFID devices. The Nokia has Near Field Communication capability where it transmits data (payments) wirelessly up to 4 centimeters away. Like Bluetooth but on a microscopic scale.

nokia 6131

So the RFID will recognize bar codes off products in stores, sweep past a movie poster to get the trailer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi download (RFID swipe just starts the process). Nokia teamed with Cingular and is performing beta testing in New York and Atlanta. The Nokia 6131 comes equipped with MicroSD slot, MP3 player, FM radio and 1.3mp camera. Not bad.

Continue Reading 2 Comments

Samsung Skinny Phone, The Ultra Edition II U600

samsung skinny u600
The Samsung skinny Ultra Edition II went on sale in France. The U600 went on display at the 3GSM show, but little was known about it. Well, other then it’s the skinniest phone around at just 10.9mm. Now, we’ve learned there is a Bang & Olufsen digital power amplifier along with an intelligent power system to make sure this little guy can supply the juice. The Samsung U600 is available in beige, blue, red, silver, white, black and brown. Continue Reading

First 4GB microSDHC Card from SanDisk

sandisk 4gb microsdhc card
Barcelona Spain is the hot bed for SDHC cards today. SanDisk announced the first 4GB Micro Secure Digital High Capacity flash card. Now your phone can hold more then 1,000 songs or 2,000 high-res photos (although useless on a phone display) or 8 hours of MPEG 4 video. BUT, before you rush out and grab those extra bytes be sure to understand that microSDHC is not backward compatible with microSD. This goes for both mobile devices and card readers. couldn’t secure pricing but will post an update when available. Source: SanDisk Press Continue Reading

BlackBerry 8800 Announced – But Where's the Camera?

Research In Motion announced the 8800 BlackBerry today and there are a long list of features, but where’ the camera? Wasn’t the camera feature the top requested feature? Our only conclusion is BlackBerry devices make it into enough highly secure environments RIM got heavy pressure to keep a camera off the device to eliminate sneak peaks of company secrets from getting out.
blackberry 8800
Moving on, the BlackBerry 8800 is the slimmest yet, trackball navigation, enhanced software for out-of-the-box compatibility, built in GPS to instantly send maps via email, Continue Reading

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