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Underwater Video Diving Mask with microSD Slot

So you drop $1,200 on a Nikon digital SLR camera, buy vacation airline tickets to Hawaii and now want a water tight case for underwater picture taking.  Well, save that large roll of cash and purchase the Liquid Image, 5 megapixel underwater scuba mask.  Slap in some microSD memory and you’re set for more pictures than your air tanks can hold.

microsd scube mask

New this year at CES is the Liquid Image underwater scuba mask.  The small digital lens/camera can take still pictures or record video at VGA quality with either a 5 MP or 3.1 MP lens.  The $99 price point is for the 5 MP version. Take a close look at the diagram above and you’ll see a AAA battery pack, small storage area, shutter select option, cross hairs for centering and position of the lens along with microSD port & USB port for storing additional images or downloading what you have to PC. The underwater scuba mask does look bulky but I personally think this is a great alternative to underwater cameras.

underwater mask with microsd

Underwater Video Scuba Mask product page. Continue Reading 14 Comments

All Flash Memory Sony mini VAIO

The Sony Mini VAIO is getting a flash memory upgrade to 32GB which means (obviously) more storage, but more importantly faster boot times and energy savings as flash memory takes less power then a spinning disk hard drive.
flash memory mini vaio sony
Some other shinning features of the Sony Mini VAIO are wireless LAN & WAN, 4.5inch touch-screen, sliding keyboard and Windows Vista Basic. As being the first flash memory based VAIO the price tag comes in just at $2,500 USD – WOW. Continue Reading 61 Comments

Shiro To Sharith with Shiro VE Video Player

Shiro VE is a personal video player with some nice lines and curves. Large 2.4 display with MicroSD slot and 4GB of internal memory. PC interface is USB and plays a limited WMV and AVI files along with limited JPEG and BMP picture files. But as will all things gadget these days you can bank on the voice recorder and FM radio.
shiro VE
Two other models also available the Shiro MK and Shiro ME. If only the girl came with it. She looks clueless, perfect. Continue Reading

4GB Memory Stick Micro – The M2 – for Sony Ericsson Line

4GB memory stick micro m2
Today SanDisk announced their largest Memory Stick Micro card the M2. At convenient 4GBs it’s the largest flash memory card for any mobile phone. The M2 was designed, in partnership, with Sony and their line of Ericsson mobile phones.
Norm Frentz, director of marketing believes, “this is the threshold at which mobile phones provide enough capacity to become the user’s all-in-one portable music player, camcorder, photo album and video player.”
And I for one believe him. At 4GBs you can do just about anything and carry just about anything you could imagine. Continue Reading

Aaton Cantar-X: Hear the love

I thought I’d hit my wish list today, and also return to the audio end of the creative spectrum, as it has been a while since we last visited our ears. One of the biggest screw ups in A/V production is bad sound, so getting the best possible field source will make a massive difference to a production. And this shouldn’t be just lip service! Get out there and do it right! You really will be happy you did. To get a taste of just how good it can get, I’m highlighting the Aaton Cantar-X: truly the Ferrari of field recording, and it has a price to match.
Aaton Cantar-X field recording unit
This is a weather proofed unit featuring twin batteries you can rotate for unceasing record times, with a 127GB HDD plus an internal CD-R/DVD+R burner. The Cantar-X will give you up to 8 tracks simultaneous recording with individual control across up to 6 of them. Firewire connectivity will even let it record direct to your computer hard drive if you have it handy. And if the hard drive just isn’t enough, it also supports flash memory.All the specs on this amazing piece of hardware are right here. Drooling over the attention to detail in engineering this product could be a hobby. If you have a spare $20,000 floating around (actually, more than that — but if you have $20k spare, you probably have a bit more), then one of these gorgeous babies can be yours. Australian’s should get in touch with LEMAC for information on buying this or many other pieces of high-end creative kit. Continue Reading

Oakley Bluetooth Sunglass + Cell Phone = Sleek or Geek?

So it appears Toshiba and Oakley have teamed together to bundle one hell of a cell phone package. Take the Toshiba 911T multimedia slider cell phone and integrate Softbank’s OS for Bluetooth communication with Oakley glasses, this is what you get.
toshiba 911t
Digital TV, 3.2pm anti-shake camera with auto-focus, 3 inch wide VGA screen (480×480) MicroSD slot for another 2GB of storage on-top of the already liberal 1GB of internal storage and MS office reader for docs, pdfs etc. Thanks Toshiba! BUT, I don’t know what looks more ridiculous, sunglasses with earphones hanging down, or sunglass with a Bluetooth headset off on one ear. You decide. Continue Reading

BlueTraks – A Major Distraction While Driving

In the US many states are adopting a no-cell phone road policy to help reduce driving accidents. Well, to fly in the face of that effort is the BlueTraks BT-211, a device that helps communicate in a hands-free environment.
Conceptually, it’s a good idea but it also interfaces with your iPod making it simple to view video while driving. Just what we need, loading up The Office re-runs while driving at 75mph. Although in Los Angeles, where I am, it’s really only 15mph about 99% of the time, so maybe the BlueTraks BT-211 isn’t that bad after all.
Continue Reading

Cool Kids get Napster Branded MicroSD Card

Remove the fact one must reside in Japan for the following post, it appears only the trendy cool kids will be getting the Napster branded MicroSD card for the new Napster direct-to-mobile download service. AT $82USD for a 512MB MicroSD card, when any will work, is pricey for storage. The Japanese Napster direct-to-mobile service does require a MicroSD card for sync functions – would you care? Probably not.
napster microsd
Napster direct-to-mobile service is offered through NTT and uses DoCoMo phones. Continue Reading

Where'd My MP3 Player Go – SanDisk Sansa Express

MP3 players are getting so small your fingers can’t navigate the playlist. Take the wicked small Sansa Express MP3 Player from SanDisk. Ya it looks great but damn, it’s small.
sansa express mp3
Stores 1GB of music (about 250 songs) BUT has a MicroSD slot to expand to another 4GBs. With USB port and earphone connection it’s sleek, it’s slim, it’s sweet. Four-line OLED screen gives you plenty of info like play list, genre, artist, album…all the ID3 tags. At just $59 bucks screw the iPod, make your kid happy with the SanDisk Sansa Express. Continue Reading 2 Comments

Nokia Slider Phone in the Works

Andrew from GearFuse updated us on the patent design from Nokia which gets us all hot and excited. The N99 slider phone, which is now evidently confirmed from this patent, is going to be one pretty looking cell. Along with the gorgeous QWERTY keyboard and widescreen display, the N99 will also house an outlandish 8Mp digital camera.
Nokia slider N99
The closer is the sweet tablet style twisty number pad. The pad seems to be able to fold so that it can be used even in QWERTY mode. This thing is looking gorgeous. Continue Reading

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