12% of HHDs in Laptops Will Be Flash Memory by 2009

Analysts at iSuppli Corp indicate that 12 percent of hard drives in laptops will be flash memory come 2009. I think that’s low. Notebook PC shipments rose to 21.8 million units during the first quarter of 2007 – that was a 23% jump, much higher then expected. With computer manufacturers trying to keep margins high laptop sales have become the major push. As laptops become more common as the primary computer driving down energy expense while increasing battery life makes flash memory the chosen technology for HHD storage.
laptop flash memory
Couple the move to flash with new technologies like stackable NAND flash not only will storage capacities continue to increase, but cost will drop and physical size will drop. iSuppli expects over 40% of computer sales in 2007 to be in the laptop form-factor with HHD configurations to be that of hybrid HDD drives.
“The penetration of HHDs in notebooks will rise more quickly in the near term than for solid-state drives, given that HDD vendors are increasing both the capacity and real density of their notebooks in 2007 and beyond,” Chander added. “Furthermore, HHDs cost less to produce and offer a level of data integrity that can only be delivered by tried-and-true HDD technology.”
Source: ComputerWorld