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Power Outage At Toshiba Could Spell Flash Shortage

12.09.10 | Solid State Memory|Comment

lightening buildingToday Toshiba announced a power outage at their plant in Yokkaichi.  Toshiba claims the power will be restored by Friday Dec 12th 2010.  There where no details about the outage, but it could have an effect on flash memory in Jan/Feb of 2011.

Toshiba estimates that up to 20% of their production schedule will be effected by the power problem.

Seems a little suspicious as prices for flash continue to decline, but that’s just my conspericy theory coming out.

Apple could be the biggest customer effected by the problem as they use Toshiba for most of their MacBook Air SSD component.  However, Electronista reports that Apple has other suppliers such as Samsung, Hynix and even Intel.

From what we know, Apple has a dual source policy program for events just like this.

Source:  Electronista.

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