Oakley Bluetooth Sunglass + Cell Phone = Sleek or Geek?

So it appears Toshiba and Oakley have teamed together to bundle one hell of a cell phone package. Take the Toshiba 911T multimedia slider cell phone and integrate Softbank’s OS for Bluetooth communication with Oakley glasses, this is what you get.
toshiba 911t
Digital TV, 3.2pm anti-shake camera with auto-focus, 3 inch wide VGA screen (480×480) MicroSD slot for another 2GB of storage on-top of the already liberal 1GB of internal storage and MS office reader for docs, pdfs etc. Thanks Toshiba! BUT, I don’t know what looks more ridiculous, sunglasses with earphones hanging down, or sunglass with a Bluetooth headset off on one ear. You decide.
toshiba 911t
Source: Mobile Whack, Images: Mobile Whack
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