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Encrypted microSD Card Enables Visa To Have Mobile CC Payments

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Visa started a four week trial period where mobile phones can not make touch-less payment transactions.  This means you can now wave your phone in front of a terminal to make a purchase.

For purchases under $100 no PIN or signature is required and the customer has the option of receiving a receipt.

The technology is compatible with existing contact-less payment terminals already installed at more than 20,000 retail outlets across Australia, including fast food restaurants, electronic stores, book stores, sporting stadiums, clothing stores and vending machines.

Visa is calling this program the payWave technology and will pave the way for new banking methods using mobile devices.  You can manage your account and make transfers, receive real time offers from merchants, fraud notices and you can even deactivate your card number through the mobile device.

This technology runs on an encrypted microSD card.  Fifty participants from the Sydney and Melbourne offices of ANZ and Visa will been given a special protective iPhone case with a secure microSD memory card that allows them to turn their phone into a virtual wallet.

This solution seems ideal for a pilot program, but I’m sure the final product will incorporate a solution where an additional case is not required. For more information, check out the following Visa YouTube video.



Evolution of Video Games

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My good friend and life time gamer, Darren, sent over this YouTube video about the evolution of video games. I don’t think kids know how good they’ve got it. Remember the hours we’d spend trying to master Pong or drive the Pole Position track over and over trying to extend our time. Those are a distant memory for today’s gamer. As for our kids, I wonder what their evolution snap-shot will look like? Take a look…

[ev type=”youtube” data=”fXmqUPDQXvA”][/ev]



PSP Hack – Play Multiplayer Games With Only One Copy

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SkatterTech did a nice job summing up this PSP hack of playing multiplayer with only one copy of the game. Check out the video and the list of step-by-step instructions is below.

[ev type=”youtube” data=”Bd-1WdmzbRw”][/ev]

Although the video is slow enough you got the point, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process: (more…)


ViewSonic LCD with Card Reader and iPod Dock Station

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ViewSonic has always been a fan of combining peripheral items with their monitors and the VX2245WM is no exception. Jumping onto the iPod band-wagon, ViewSonic now offers their monitor with iPod dock station. In addition the VX2245WM beholds an 8-in-1 card reader for ultra convenience.

viewsonic vc2245wm

The 1680×1050 pixel resolution and 700:1 contrast ratio make viewing any movie a pleasure. And to make sure no stone is left unturned, ViewSonic also integrated speakers and subwoofer so that your standard PC speakers can be left to collect dust. (more…)

Currently In Category:
YouTube in Post

YouTube is this category and simply means there is a video in the article.