A USB Mic for Warmer Recording Sound

For anyone looking for a PC mic, a USB connection is a must. Mic jack connections with the standard 3.5mm cable don’t have the connections or data flow to properly translate sound into usable data for a computer. To go beyond this, however, would be to use tools like Behringer’s new MIC500USB to achieve that famous tube “warmth” without having to record in a studio with rackmounted tube preamps.


The tabletop MIC500USB uses the 12AX7 tube in its signal path to give more detail and body to the usable sounds. XLR and 1/4-inch inputs provide multiple pathways for micorophones and line sources. With 48V power, and a 20dB pad, this tool is a dream come true for output control devices. Additionally, Behringer’s product offers onboard digital EQ customized for specific instruments and vocals, all of which is accessible through several free software instruments as well as plug-in downloads.

Source: Behringer

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