Splash in Flash Memory

Flash Memory And Their Beloved Gadgets
Flash Memory is quickly become the defacto standard for storing digital data. We will see a day when optical media and disc drives are long gone with only solid state flash memory serving up our digital dreams. Come splash in flash memory.

A Blast From the Past With 1GB

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What you are looking at is an IBM hard disk from 20 years ago which holds 1GB of data. Notice the top left, that’s a 1GB flash memory card.

1gb flash storage

What will 1GB look in another 20 years?

Source: Giz via Spluch

Open Source Linux Phone by Trolltech

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So we did flips for the open source Neo1973, now we’ve got a simplified software platform. Trolltech has introduced the Qtopia Phone Edition for the Neo1973.

qtopia neo1973

The Qtopia Phone Edition is fully accessible under the open source GPL verison 2 license and supports the Greenphone reference platform for mobile development.

Up until now, Qtopia has been ported onto 90 different devices, including 25 phones. There are over 9 million Qtopia-based handsets in the market that also includes mobile devices from Motorola, ZTE and Cellon.

Source: TechGadgets photo via Flickr

Subpoenas Being Handed Down for Flash Memory Price Fixing

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Toshiba, like SanDisk, found a grand jury subpoena in their mail late last week. The allegations are related to flash memory NAND price fixing.

The probe comes from the highest level and considering the purchase of M-Systems by SanDisk along with the other big hitter of flash memory makers is Samsung, it’s very possible flash memory price fixing could have taken place.

toshiba hq

Toshiba claims no wrong doing, but the filing implicates 23 other companies, who most likely source their NAND flash memory from SanDisk or Samsung, in the allegations.

At this time, the officials from Samsung were not available for comment.

Source: Ziff Davis News