Splash in Flash Memory

Flash Memory And Their Beloved Gadgets
Flash Memory is quickly become the defacto standard for storing digital data. We will see a day when optical media and disc drives are long gone with only solid state flash memory serving up our digital dreams. Come splash in flash memory.

A Proportionate SD Card

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Gizmodo did a fun little pictorial about relative size of a SDHC card last week. This is what the new Toshiba 32GB SDHC card looks like when compared to the more common 1GB SDHC card. Good thing technology doesn’t work this way. I’d have one hell of a big cell phone just to accommodate more memory – then again, I don’t think I’ll need 32GB of data on my phone anytime soon.


Source: Gizmodo

Solid State HHD Sooner Than Later

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solid state memory

Several days ago two leaders in memory manufacturing announced a partnership in development of solid state memory hard drives. PQI (Power Quotient Int’l) and TDK will be holding hands all the way to the bank.

The new company will

focus on storage solutions for industrial and commercial use PCs/Systems. Its initial capital is for PQI 40% and TDK 60%.

The specific terms of the agreement are confidential. As long-term partners, TDK and PQI have always provided excellent and quality industrial solutions to customers around the globe.

To further strengthen this relationship, TDK seeks to comprehend their patented technologies as their competitive advantages. PQI, on the other hand, will utilize their industrial storage research & development with their channel and sales capabilities to expand SSD from industrial to commercial use.